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Who doesn’t appreciate a good Whiskey? This is the time to be alive! The things they are doing with bourbon now are revolutionary! Flavors that push the boundaries of your palate without straying too far from the traditions. From bacon-infused to regional favorites to avante-garde touches with Madeira. We have picked six bottles that are a must enjoy with friends or just simply savoring alone by a roaring fire. 

NEW SOUTHERN REVIVAL— MADEIRA FINISH ($70) Hailing from Charleston, S.C., this limited-edition bottling by High Wire Distilling is made with four local heirloom non- GMO grains and finished with Madeira, a fortified wine with deep Charleston history. It tastes a little bit like fruitcake in a bottle.

TRAILS END ($50) The base of Trail’s End Bourbon is Kentucky straight bourbon aged for seven and eight years. Then Oregon’s Hood River Distillers aged it with staves made from Oregon oak. The aroma of Trail’s End Bourbon suggests a fairly sweet whiskey with notes of raisins and corn. There’s a lot of oak on this bourbon, which comes through as vanilla and toasted nuts, along with woody tannins.

RED HANDED ($30) What makes Austin’s Treaty Oak Distilling’s approach to barreling this blend of whiskeys unique is that they source their whiskey from three different distilleries in as many states–Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee, Blended in new American oak casks with seasoned staves, then “aged in the hot Texas sun. For 9 months. You pick up a little red fruit on the palate with no harsh tannins or off-flavors. This is a solid little whiskey that is easy to drink neat and worth the trouble to seek it out.

OL’ MAJOR BACON FLAVORED ($25) This Nashville-made whiskey lays claim as the first commercial bourbon infused with real bacon. Mmmm Bacon… It mixes vanilla and mesquite- like smoke on the palate, but the real action is in the aroma, which smells remarkably similar to raw bacon. Old Major Bacon Bourbon holds nothing back. It is not a drink for the faint of heart.

WEST OF KENTUCKY NO.1 ($60) The red bridge is a nod to the dash of locally smoked California Cherrywood-smoked barley added to the American yellow corn and rye. Aged in new, charred American oak for no less than one year, dark dulcet flavors emerge without too much smoke or sweetness. Notes of Marachino Cherry, light smoke, allspice, vanilla and sarsaparilla. This is California’s Bourbon Whiskey.

NO. 14 ($45) This Vermont Spirits bottling unites two American Classics, Bourbon whiskey and Vermont Maple Syrup. It’s a bridge between straight-up whiskey and a liqueur. Look for a maple-y aroma with just a flash of sweetness on the palate with a warm and lasting finish.