Standard Motorcycle Co.

April 25, 2018 Off By rebecca west

A Stellar Idea for Motorcycle Lovers

Not everyone has the knowledge to wrench on their own motorcycle. A lot of that has to do with the way bikes are built these days with so much of the internal components relying on computerization. Even if you went to MMI, that doesn’t mean you have the right tools or equipment. Some people don’t have any or even the workspace to do repairs and modifications.

This leaves most riders in the predicament of having to find a shop and mechanic they can trust or taking the bike to an authorized dealer. If you do have the know how or would like to get a better grip on the subject and reside in central Florida, you now have an option, courtesy of Standard Motorcycle Co.

Standard is located in Orlando, and they’re Florida’s first and only membership co-op garage for bike owners to wrench on their own sleds. They supply the space, tools and even the expertise, if you’re willing to get your hands dirty. This is a radical departure from the traditional bike shop setup where they want to rack up the mechanic hours or their insurance won’t allow the public behind the scenes.

Of course, if you’ve got a buddy or a relative with a garage lined with Snap-On toolboxes and equipment out the ying-yang or maybe a shop of their own, you can probably get your foot in the door during off hours or on weekends, but not everybody’s got that kind of magic going for them.

The brainchild of owner/operator Jason Paul Michaels and his crew, the co-op is a fantastic idea to bring in some extra coin on the side and educate riders on their own rides — which you really should know something about if you plan on doing any touring. If you don’t venture out beyond the typical bar hopping scene, like a lot of weekend warriors in new leather, there’s always AAA or a platinum card.

In a few simple sentences, this is how Standard sums the co-op side of the business up:

“The shop is fully equipped with just about everything you could need. (BBQ grill, stainless steel beer cooler and outside shower included). Members can work on their bikes in the fully equipped workshop with everything ranging from basic hand-tools to TIG welders, metal shaping equipment, lifts and everything else in between.

“Whether you’re looking to simply clean your carbs and tune your bike up or cut the back half off your Sportster and weld a TC Bros hard-tail onto it, the SMC Co-op is the place for you.”

Membership comes in three levels, depending on how often you might need access to the facilities. They range from The Lurker, The Worker and The Builder, correlating with your needs and skillsets. Pricing varies accordingly.

This is no rat shop where you spend more time looking for the right tools than you do on wrenching. It’s nice not having to dig for 20 minutes only to find (if you do) what you were looking for broken, rusted out or in serious need of Gunk. The place is clean, well equipped and the tools are in good repair.

To top it off, they’ve got a pimp “lounge” with seating and access to wi-fi and a number of vintage books in their library for reference or inspiration, along with a dream coffee station so you can stay cranked without having to bring a thermos or hitting Dunkin Donuts or Micky D’s on the way there.

If you want to bone up on a subject, Standard also offers workshops you can sign up for to educate yourself. They cover a number of topics and are conducted by guys who actually know their shit, which is always a plus. There’s nothing worse when you’ve got a problem with your bike than somebody telling you they know how to fix it when they really don’t — especially after buying the parts.

In addition to allowing members access to pretty much everything they need but don’t have themselves, Standard Motorcycle Co. is also a repair and custom build shop. Their services include accessory/custom-part installation, general maintenance and in-depth repair work by factory trained and certified mechanics.

If you just want to buy a cool custom bike ready to roll, they’ve got that covered, too. They pretty much do it all, including hosting events from time to time you can take part in if you live in the area or you’re just visiting Orlando. They’re getting ready to open a Long Beach, CA, location this spring. When asked, Jason had this to say:

“Identifying a need to expand the Standard brand, we’re partnering up with industry veteran Jay Larossa from Lossa Engineering to bring Standard Moto and the entire co-op platform to Long Beach CA. More details can be heard at the OG Moto show in March, when we’ll be announcing an opening date.”

For more information on the Florida location, you can hit them up through their contact information listed below.

Standard Motorcycle Co.

2545 Industrial Blvd

Orlando, FL 32804

(407) 675-4500