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While Daytona may be synonymous with the NASCAR Daytona 500, it’s also home to a place anyone with a pulse and passion for riding needs to be: Destination Daytona. Imagined by the late Bruce Rossmeyer, Destination Daytona is a playground and hotspot for motorcycle enthusiasts from every walk of life. Whether you are a Harley-Davidson novice, have a passion for vintage bikes, restore or rebuild, or are just newly discovering your love for motorcycles and riding, Destination Daytona is where you want to be.

Having the pleasure to speak to Bruce’s daughter, Shelly Rossmeyer Pepe, we got a quick education into everything this family run wonderland has to offer anyone and everyone who has a healthy curiosity about the world of motorcycles. With any one of the family members on site daily (Sandy Rossmeyer, Shelly, Mandy Rossmeyer, Will Rossmeyer, or Dean Pepe), this is a hands on, customer driven experience. It’s more than an activity or spectator sport, there are major events, courses, interactive media, restaurants and bars, condos, and even a hotel on site. All of which fall under the legacy of the Rossmeyer vision making it a one-of-a-kind destination.

Built from a deep passion for Harley-Davidson and a desire to create a space that can inspire die-hard riders to a new motorcycle purveyor, Bruce’s vision extended well beyond selling parts and endearing enthusiasts. In fact, what he wanted was to create a sort of DisneyWorld for bikers and that’s precisely what he did. While his legacy is undeniable, when tragedy struck and he passed away in 2009, it was up to his family to keep his dream alive – and – be open to evolving as the industry, times, and consumer trends continued to shift. Over the past nine years, they’ve done precisely that and now Destination Daytona is an immersive customer, spectator, and business epicenter. 

Sure, bikers still love wet tee-shirt contests, rowdy events, and leather gear, but there is a new and diverse culture of Harley-Davidson, bikers and fans that continue to change the definition of what being a biker actually means. While they host an array of events, rides, concerts, and favorite pastimes “old school,” tried and true Harley bikers love, Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson Dealership isn’t shying away from a more chic group of growing enthusiasts. Excited by the range of people who are finding a love for the motorcycle culture, Shelly reminds us that the people who come onto the property, those who visit the showroom, they don’t fall into one particular category. There are pros, industry manufacturers showcasing product, designers, artists, tech men and women, the family man who has fallen in love with the freedom, design, intrigue, and beauty of a well-built bike, and pretty much everyone in between.

Throughout the history of Harley-Davidson, what allows the brand to have the global appeal it does is that it symbolizes artisanship, craftsmanship, cutting edge design, a feeling of rebellion, monumental moments in time, freedom, curiosity, and abandon. With a space of 109,000 square feet, the Rossmeyer Showroom honors every aspect of that history with a massive vision that extends well past the showroom itself. 

However that said, the newly renovated, fully staffed, bright, open showroom showcases each motorcycle in a way that allows every detail to shine. When you need something, their staff of over eighty employees are there to answer any questions, fix any broken parts, make sure your bike is outfitted with the best in technology, give you tips, teach you how to ride (if you’re new to it), all in all ensuring longevity of your bike, and support a lifelong love affair.

“We’re a business that can handle anything; you can learn to ride through a riding academy, brush up on your riding skills, or even receive your motorcycle endorsement! We are continually evolving to make sure we are always changing with the culture, the times. The renovations we just did in the showroom has clean layout. We want to class it up, put in computer charging stations, catering to modern times as well as the tried and true.”

Established in 2005 as an addition to Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davison Dealership, what makes Destination Daytona so special is it is a landmark in and of itself and just about every week of the year, they have something happening. Being one of the few to have one of the largest selections of Harley-Davidson bikes, apparel, parts, courses, a service center, and more, there is never a shortage of something to discover and while the vast majority of Bikers mark this as a must-see on their journey, it’s history runs deep as does its vision for the future.

Family owned and passion-filled, celebrating 25 years in the Harley-Davidson business, it’s safe to say Bruce Rossmeyer would be damn proud of his family and how they’ve brought his dreams to create something truly special to life.

To learn more, visit: www.brucerossmeyer. com